Semalt: All You Need To Know About PHP Web Scraper As An HTML Scrapper

PHP Web Scraper helps to automatically scrape HTML from web pages and display it on different websites. What makes this application unique is that it pulls data from a specified location and displays it elsewhere repeatedly. So, as the content of the source website is being updated, the program will be scraping the content and dropping it on the destination website, thereby keeping the website updated too.

For instance, if you need to get latest Football scores from a popular website constantly, enter the URL of the source web page coupled with a CSS selector to PHP web scraper. It will generate a code. You will now insert the code into the source code of your page, and that it is. What you will find on your page will be the latest score on the source page.

This tool is great for extracting frequently updated content like rankings, stock quotes, prices, and news just to mention a few. This HTML scraper is one of the best because it is easy to use, it offers high performance, it works with virtually all browsers, and most importantly, it comes with quality support.


Unfortunately, the application might not be able to extract data from some sites. So, it is advisable to try it before you purchase it. Currently, the scraper cannot extract videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and many video sharing websites.

It can't also grab the content of flash files although it can grab the files. It can't also grab content visible only to registered users of some websites like the inbox and profile page of some of these websites. Content generated by Angular.js, AJAX, and some other JavaScript techniques cannot be extracted by this tool.

Before scraping any web page, disable JavaScript in your browser and visit the web page. All the content you can still see after disabling JavaScript is what you can extract from the page. It is also important to bear in mind that HTML that contains images with relative paths won't show on your page.

Answers to frequently asked questions

You can extract content from several pages and display it on a single page with this tool. You only need to generate a code for each of the source pages and insert them inside the source code of the page in which you want them displayed.

  • In addition, it is possible to extract several elements from the same source page.
  • It is not possible to clone web pages with this tool because that is not its purpose.
  • Although this application does not support WordPress, there is a separate tool for WordPress.
  • You can use CSS to style the extracted HTML
  • You can use JavaScript/jQuery to modify the extracted HTML.
  • You can only get the latest HTML extracted by refreshing your web page. Using the Football score example again, if the last score you saw was 0 – 0 and the score changes to 1 – 0, you won't see it on your web page until you refresh it.
  • Extracted HTML will appear on your web page in HTML format without any CSS.

In conclusion, it is recommended to use this tool legitimately. Always seek the permission from the owners of any web page before you grab HTML content on it. You are completely on your own as to the use of this tool.